Parrotlets For Sale
Are you looking for an Apartment/Condo sized pet?
These are the perfect pet birds when kept as singles.
Are you looking for a small breeder bird?
These are also perfect for that small backyard hobby breeder. They are prolific breeders.
We currently have parent raised Blue & Green Parrotlets for sale. The Greens are double split to Blue &
American Yellow. Prices are as follows:
Normal Greens: $75
Greens Split to American Yellow/Blue  $125
Blue: $150
American Yellow: $150
Lutinos: $250
Discounts available on Bulk purchases
Email us at
Albino Parrotlet
Blue Parrotlets
Lutino Parrotlet Trio
Green Parrotlets
American Yellow Male & Lutino
Female Parrotlet
We have quite a few beautiful blues & green double splits (American
yellow/Blue) for sale. We also have 1 male Lutino, a couple pair of proven
breeders and also bonded pairs.  Most of the single parrotlets are about
ready to set up for breeding.  They are in beautiful feather, healthy and
vivacious. If you are interested in purchasing any of these little ones please
email us at
We will also have some handfed babies coming soon. Lutinos, Albinos,
Blues, & Greens split to blue. Currently we have pairs on eggs due to hatch
soon, and blue babies being handfed. Please email us if you want to be put on
our waiting list for handfed babies. Hoping to have pied parrotlets coming
soon. Thank you for visiting our Parrotlet page.
Parrotlets are a small bird that are full of personality and very playful.  We
here at Bird Heaven Aviaries have a variety of colors.  We enjoy watching
these little ones. They are very interactive, social birds that are full of energy.
They are ideal for Apartments and Condo living. If you are wanting to know
more about these little ones, let us know as we have many currently available.