Australian Neophema's
Here at Bird Heaven Aviaries, we're happy to say that we are breeding Grass Keets again. We are presently breeding Rosy &
Normal Bourkes, Scarlet Chested, Yellow Turquoisines & Normal & Lutino Elegants. We have both mature & young breeding
pairs and we're expecting babies early in the New Year. Keep checking the
Available Birds Page to see what's available.

Australian Grass Parakeets have been breed for many years . There quiet, introverted nature
have made them a favorite of Aviculturists worldwide. Their amazing colors are very easy on the
eye. Grass Parakeets are best enjoyed in large flights where they can fly free. Our neophema's
are housed in flights that are 7ft long & 2.5ft wide and 7ft tall.  We also provide them with
plenty of Eucalyptus branches to perch on. We will be moving them into flights that are off the
ground and a little wider over the coming months. Although people do breed them in the regular
36" long breeding cages, it's best to breed them in flights. Rosy & Normal Bourkes & Scarlet
Chests do great in community flights. Turquoisines & Elegants do okay in Community flights but
can get quite quarralsome during the breeding season. A good friend of ours breeds his Yellow
Turquoisines in individual flights. He does however keep all the young in larger community flights
where they can forge friendships and bond with the opposite sex.

Wild Grass Parakeets eat mainly the different types of seed grasses available to them in the
wilds of Australia. They spend alot of time on the ground foraging for these grasses. We
feed our Grass keets here a quality parakeet mix that is mixed with a finch diet. We add a
small amount of Millet daily and provide plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables which are
readily accepted by our breeders. We provided them with plenty of Kale, Wheatgrass,
Dandelion, mustard greens & collard greens. We cut them them into small strips for these
guys to nibble on. Apples, oranges, corn, lightly steamed Sweet potatoes are also
welcomed and cherished by our breeders. During the Breeding season we also give whole
grain wheat bread that is lightly toasted and crumbled into a dish, along with a crumbled
dried egg food mix. We also add a touch of Spirulina to their mix.
Rosy Bourkes & Scarlet Chest Grass Keets
Female (left) and Male Scarlet Chest Grass Keet
Male Scarlet Chest Grass Keet
Two Male Yellow Turquoisines
Male (Left) & Two Female Yellow Turquoisines